The new Fanatic Foil Aero Glide is out!

15th March 2023


Fanatic unveils its new foil today: the Aero Glide! An Ultra High Aspect Ratio frontwing (between 9,5 and 9,3) that was missing from the brand’s foil range and that we were impatiently waiting for. With the Aero Glide: speed, downwind and infinite glide are yours!

“The Aero Glide is our long anticipated Wing complementing our portfolio with a highly efficient high aspect design, offering endless glide, downwind performance and pumping abilities, crossed with a lively and fun maneuverability you wouldn’t expect from wings with such span. As the name suggests – our Aero Glide is made to glide for long distances effortlessly without much input needed once you’re up in flight mode. Coming in four sizes from the fast and agile 725 to the endless glide of the 1305, the range covers different rider sizes and abilities and is complemented by our highly performant new GL Stabilizer in 165, 180 and 200.”

Read more about the Fanatic Aero Glide with this Behind the Design interview of Jerome Bonieux.

Aero Glide Wing sets:

  • Aero Glide 725: 725 Front Wing / 165 GL Stabilizer
    Fast and agile for all lighter riders and advanced foilers up to about 85kg, loves to go fast!
  • Aero Glide 905: 905 Front Wing / 180 GL Stabilizer
    Offers a great combination of speed, manoeuvrability, glide and pump covering riders between 50-95kg
  • Aero Glide 1085: 1085 Front Wing / 200 GL Stabilizer
    Great pump and glide. Also a good choice in smaller surf. Mid sized to heavier riders with intermediate to advanced level will love the efficiency and of this combo
  • Aero Glide 1305: 1305 Front Wing / 200 GL Stabilizer
    Glides without much input and is really easy to keep up for heavier riders with intermediate to advanced level

Mast options:

  • 60cm – special size for shallow waters
  • 75cm – All-round / Entry / Freestyle
    Go-to size for most Wing Foilers on lakes, great to start and very compact for progressive air moves. Prone and SUP Foilers of all levels in small surf.
  • 82cm – All-round / Surf / Freestyle / Downwind
    “One for all” mast for Wing Foilers looking for the perfect mix of being compact for freestyle, yet having length for surïŹng and swell. Prone and SUP Foilers in medium surf. Freestyle Windsurf Foilers.
  • 82cm Fanatic x Duotone COLLAB – Surf / Freestyle
    Our High Modulus Team Edition Mast for Wing Foilers looking for the highest level in performance. Based on the Duotone SLS Kite mast profile with High Modulus Carbon layup, this mast is for the ambitious rider using constantly wings below 100cm span.
  • 90cm – Freeride / Surf / Downwind
    Wing Foilers looking for the extra room for comfort in chop, surf and open ocean swell. Go-to size for Windsurf Foilers.
  • 105cm – Freerace
    Wind and Wing Foilers looking for an extra long mast for confidence to push speeds even in rough open ocean conditions.

Fuselage options:

  • 60cm AL 3BS – “Advanced” – Surf / Freestyle
    Advanced Wing Foilers looking for a playful ride with responsive turning and great pop for air moves. Advanced Prone and SUP Foilers.
  • 68cm – “Intermediate” – Surf / Freestyle / All-round
    Internediate level Wing Foilers looking for a playful ride with responsive turning and great pop. All level Prone and SUP Foilers.
  • 78cm – Entry / Freeride
    Wing Foilers of all sizes progressing from entry to intermediate, with the option to adjust to their level, as well as Wingers with race ambitions. Prone, SUP and Pump Foilers looking for an easy and stable ride with great pumping abilities and glide.
  • 90cm – “Windsurf” – All-round
    Windsurf Foilers of all levels looking for an easy and stable ride with great control also at higher speeds.

More about the Fanatic Aero Glide : Carbon version ; AL 3.0 version.

More about Fanatic :
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