Canary Islands Hopping: check the new Fanatic X Duotone Wingfoiling episode feat. Nia Suardiaz, Jerome Cloetens, Wesley Brito and Julia Castro

If it comes to water sports, the Canaries are the ultimate destination. The islands Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria are on the top of the list for windsurfers and kiters as the wind usually blows on a regular base. But what about Wing Foiling?

The Fanatic x Duotone Team with Nia Suardiaz, Jerome Cloetens and Wesley Brito wanted to check it out and hooked up with Fuerte local Julia Castro for a little shooting adventure!

Nia Suardiaz: I haven¬īt been to all Canarian Islands before, so it was cool to check them out and explore new spots. I enjoyed training with my teammates Jerome, Wesley, and Julia. We spent countless hours pushing ourselves to new limits. Each day was filled with excitement and adventure as we challenged ourselves to ride new spots.

Jerome Cloetens: Fuerteventura was probably the best during this trip, but I was also curious about Tenerife and Gran Canaria. We had no wind on Tenerife, so had to move over to Gran Canaria quickly, where the conditions only played a little bit better. I’m looking forward to going back to both islands for sure. The conditions we had were unlikely for the Canaries. However, we ended up taking some cool photos and made the most of it!

Wesley Brito: This trip was not in my plans at all. And quite complicated to start with. I couldn’t get to Sal for a direct flight to the Canaries, so I had to go all the way from Boa Vista via Brussels and stayed all night there before I could jump on another flight to Tenerife and Gran Canaria where I could only watch the last bit of the sunset session from my mates a. We went straight to Fuerteventura the next day as the forecast looked better there. We luckily had Julia with us who is local there and knew where to find the best spots. And I was happy to shoot again with Jerome who is always pushing. And Nia, the little shredder, who is going for backflips! We had a lot of fun pushing each other on the water.

Julia Castro: Shooting at my home spot is always special for me. Fuerteventura is a standout for remote golden sand beaches and windy wave spots. It makes me proud that big brands like Duotone (and many others) choose Fuerteventura to showcase their products. For sure the counterpart is that I don’t get to travel to an amazing location, but it makes me very proud that so many brands around the world choose the place I was born!

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