TotalWing Geek Gear : Duotone Unit 2023 – new MOD3 canopy

15th November 2022


The 2023 Duotone Unit is now available in all your favorite surfshops! Featuring MOD3, a new canopy, the latest edition Unit promise to offer more power, better hang time and improved drift stability. The MOD3 brings to the wing additional power with responsive handling through the – now classic – Unit rigid handles.

The main new feature of this Unit 2023 is the new canopy called MOD3. The higher modulus MOD3 fabric holds the shape of the wing with double the strength in warp direction and 3 times the stretch resistance in bias direction compared to traditional canopies (more than 7 times less stretchy at lower force). The MOD3 has also a much higher shape holding ability compared to traditional kite canopy (the canopy of wings is exposed to about 2x the load per surface area compared to the canopy in kites).

This new material is a little against the trend of lightening the weight of wings, but Duotone promises that this small gain in weight becomes secondary once you feel the power, draft stability, and wide range of the new Unit. MOD3 remains fresh like its day one and significantly improves the tear resistance and canopy strength.

In summary, the MOD3 promises to offer: more power, more direct response, better pumping efficiency so you can fly earlier, better draft stability and increased durability (no wearing out and harder to break).

Some changes are to be noted in the shape of the Unit 2023, in particular allowed thanks to tight canopy tension offerred by the MOD3. The dihedral angle is optimized, as well as the tip and strut twist for better drift stability when surfing or flying through basic maneuvers. The extra lift and power deliver more hang time when jumping.

Other changes, the Unit features new windows, inspired by the Slick SLS, reinforcements at the handles and a stronger front handle.

The Unit 2023 is available from 2m² up to 6.5m², every 0.5m², and in three colors (white/aurora ; white/heron-blue ; white/salmon-rose), at the price from 1049€.

For more information on the Unit 2023, visit the official Duotone website!

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