Malo Guénolé on the top of the world: our new GWA Surf-Freestyle World Champion 2022!

18th November 2022

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He did it! Malo Guenole is our new GWA Surf-Freestyle World Champion 2022 ! At only 17 years old, and after finishing second in the GWA Youth Tour in Surf-Freestyle U19 a few weeks ago, here he is on the top of the world of the discipline!

Malo Guénolé / Photo: @romantsovaphoto

After a third round full of rebounds on the second day, which saw Christopher McDonald and Gollito Estredo exit the competition, the door was wide open for Malo Guénolé to obtain the World Champion title: he had to reach the final, and therefore finish first or second, to win. Everything had to be decided during the first semi-final full of suspense which opposed Malo Guénolé to Titouan Galea. The two excellent riders demonstrated an exceptional level, finishing the heat with scores of more than 20 points. Titouan Galea lost for just over a point difference, and so Malo took first place in the general rankings ahead of Gollito Estredo. Congrats! But the day was not over for Malo Guénolé who flew to the final of the event against Camille Bouyer. Malo Guénolé has once again demonstrated fluidity an an impressive style, putting tricks where you least expect them, giving the impression of simple and beautiful surfing… at the top level! And it is with the incredible score of 22,44 that he won the Surf-Freestyle event of these GWA Wingfoil World Tour Taiba!

Malo Guénolé / Photo: @romantsovaphoto

Here is the testimony of Malo Guénolé at the microphone of the GWA after his victory as a World Champion: “The heat was pretty stressful because Titouan is one of the best competitors and I look up to him a lot. I’m very happy to beat him and get the world title. A special thanks especially to my mom and dad for helping me and making me the boy I am now. Without my dad and Gong I wouldn’t be here.”

Flora Artzner / Photo: @romantsovaphoto

The show will have been provided throughout the day by riders at the top of their level, such as Camille Bouyer (2nd), Maxime Chabloz (3rd) or Titouan Galea (4th). But also on the women’s side, where all the heats were able to take place until the final! There was much less suspense since Paula Novotna is already Surf-Freestyle World Champion since the previous event in Tarifa. But there were still surprises, as the world numbers 1 and 2, Paula Novtona and Nia Suardiaz, fell to the gates of the final, leaving Flora Artzner and Bowien van der Linden to face each other for victory! And it was the French Flora Artzner who won the Surf-Freestyle event of these GWA Wingfoil World Tour Taiba!

GWA Wingfoil World Tour Taiba – Surf-Freestyle Women Results

  1. Flora Artzner
  2. Bowien van der Linden
  3. Nia Suardiaz
  4. Paula Novotna

Photo: @romantsovaphoto

GWA Wingfoil World Tour Taiba – Surf-Freestyle Men Results

  1. Malo Guénolé
  2. Camille Bouyer
  3. Maxime Chabloz
  4. Titouan Galea

Photo: @romantsovaphoto

Overall GWA Wingfoil World Tour 2022 – Surf-Freestyle Women Results

  1. Paula Novotna
  2. Nia Suardia
  3. Flora Artzner

Photo: @romantsovaphoto

Overall GWA Wingfoil World Tour 2022 – Surf-Freestyle Men Results

  1. Malo Guénolé
  2. Gollito Estredo
  3. Camille Bouyer

Photo: @romantsovaphoto

The action continues tomorrow with the Surf-Slalom events! Watch live, and discover the possible scenarios of who will be the future world champions of the discipline!

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