GWA Wingfoil World Cup Brazil | Day Five Highlights

21st November 2022

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Tight Surf-Slalom action on day five – last day ! – brought the Copa Kitley GWA Wingfoil World Cup Brazil to an exciting climax and decided the World Championships. After 4 elimination rounds for men (which consisted of 4 heats, 2 semi-finals and a final) and 11 single eliminations for women, Mathis Guio and Nia Suardiaz won the Taiba Surf-Slalom event!

With some complicated mathematical scenarios, there will have been suspense all throughout the competition on the men’s side, since the elimination of Titouan Galea in the semi-finals of round 3, meant that the title was to be decided on the 4th and last round. Galea finished 2nd in the Taiba competition, ahead of his rival Francesco Cappuzzo, and therefore became the new 2022 Surf-Slalom World Champion! Also, huge performance by Mathis Ghio who won the Taiba event, having won the finals of eliminations 3 and 4!

On the women’s side, Flora Artzner was constant throughout the Surf-Slalom competition, while increasing in power and winning a heat on the last day. 3rd in the Taiba competition, as it was enough for her to be 4th to win the title, Flora became the new 2022 Surf-Slalom World Champion! Nia Suardiaz, who won 8 of the 11 heats of the event, logically won the competition, ahead of Paula Novotna.

Our summary on Surf-Slalom is coming very soon, in the meantime, you can find our summary of Surf-Freestyle, but also all the replays of the lives!

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