GWA : fleet size and entry to 2023 World Tour

Due to the highly over-subscribed GWA Wingfoil World Tour events for the last two years, participant numbers for each event are capped for the 2023 season. From now on, riders can qualify to participate in the different events of the GWA World Tour in five different ways, and among them the qualification via the QS tour which took place in 2022. Find out how and who qualified below!

Lidiane Sanders / Photo: @romantsovaphoto


In 2022 the Surf-Freestyle world tour fleet for each event was 48 riders. In 2023 it is reduced to 32 riders.

Riders 1 – 20: Pre-seeded competitors
Riders 21 – 26: Qualifying Series wildcards
Riders 27 – 29: Video application winners
Riders 30: GWA wildcard
Riders 31 – 32: Local / organiser wildcard


In 2022 the Surf-Slalom world tour fleet for each event was 80 riders. In 2023 it is reduced to 48 riders.

Riders 1 – 35: Pre-seeded competitors
Riders 36– 41: Qualifying Series wildcards
Riders 42 – 45: Video application winners
Riders 46: GWA wildcard
Riders 47 – 48: Local / organiser wildcard


Nine GWA QS events ran in 2022 on four continents with six events in Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong and South Africa. 190 men and 27 women competed in Surf Slalom events, while 84 men and 19 women competed across the Surf-Freestyle events. Congrats to these riders who successfully made it through the Qualifying Series and will now be able to compete at each event on the 2023 GWA Wingfoil World Tour!


  1. Lilian Juppet (FRA)
  2. Chucho Nonnot (FRA)
  3. Jeremiah Macdonald (NZ)
  4. Oscar Leclair (FRA)
  5. Sergio Perera (ESP)

Alan Fedit (FRA) actually finished second overall on the QS, but is in the top 20 ranked riders on the world tour, so is already pre-qualified. Sergio Perera therefore took the fifth qualifying position on the QS.


  1. Julia Castro (ESP)
  2. Lenna Thyssen (GER)
  3. Pamela Pimentel (BRA)
  4. Sonia Boutillier (FRA)
  5. Carla Herrera (ESP)

Roberta Sullini (BRA), Nia Suardiaz (ESP), Lidiane Sanders (BRA), Orane Ceris (FRA) and Roccio Reigert (BRA) are already pre-qualified for the full world tour.


  1. Sergio Perera (ESP)
  2. Wong Yu Him (HK)
  3. Matteo Guazzoni (ITA)
  4. Kauli Seadi (BRA)
  5. Yannik Holste (GER)

Alan Fedit (FRA), Nicolo Spanu (ITA), Oscar Leclair (FRA), Jeremiah MacDonald (NZ) and Chucho Nonnot were the top five finishers at the end of the 2022 QS season, but all have already pre-qualified as top 20 ranked riders on the world tour from last season.


  1. Annmieke Kruijt (GER)
  2. Nuria Goma (ESP)
  3. Sonia Boutillier (FRA)
  4. Monica Wohlgemuth (GER)
  5. Lena Thyssen (GER)

Nia Suardiaz (ESP), Timma Flanagan (USA) and Lena Thyssen (GER) finished within the top rankings of the QS, but are already pre-qualified for the World Tour after the 2022 season.


And to give an overview of the pre-seeded competitors, here are the rankings of the first 35 in Surf-Slalom and the first 20 Surf-Freestyle:


  1. Malo Guénolé
  2. Gollito Estredo
  3. Camille Bouyer
  4. Titouan Galea
  5. Christopher Jr. MacDonald
  6. Balz MĂĽller
  7. Xavier Corr
  8. Maxime Chabloz
  9. Francesco Cappuzzo
  10. Stefan Spiessberger
  11. Axel Gerard
  12. Noé Cuyala
  13. Gregorio Pugliese
  14. Jeremy Burlande
  15. Clément Hamon
  16. Tom Auber
  17. Hugo Marin
  18. Bastien Escofet
  19. Hendrick Lopes
  20. Alan FĂ©dit


  1. Paula Novotna
  2. Nia Suardiaz
  3. Flora Artzner
  4. Orane Ceris
  5. Kylie Belloeuvre
  6. Bowien Van Der Linden
  7. Manuela Jungo
  8. Maaike Hauvermann
  9. Fiona Wylde
  10. Roberta Sullini
  11. Lidiane Viana Sanders
  12. Rocio Reigert
  13. Christina Koenig
  14. Isabel Trivino
  15. Margherita Barro
  16. Eva Wyss
  17. Tessa Beumer
  18. Sofia Marchetti
  19. Maddalena Spanu
  20. Timma Flanagan


  1. Titouan Galea
  2. Francesco Cappuzzo
  3. Camille Bouyer
  4. Mathis Ghio
  5. Alessandro Tomasi
  6. Bastien Escofet
  7. Nicolo Spanu
  8. Alan Fedit
  9. Riccardo Zorzi
  10. Gregorio Pugliese
  11. Maxime Chabloz
  12. Julien Bouyer
  13. Hugo Marin
  14. Balz MĂĽller
  15. Axel Gerard
  16. Oscar Leclair
  17. Linus PĂĽnder
  18. Tom Auber
  19. Xavier Corr
  20. Max Robinson
  21. Christopher Jr. Macdonald
  22. Lilian Juppet
  23. Clément Hamon
  24. Luca Franchi
  25. Jeremy Burlando
  26. Giulio Gasperini
  27. Malo Guénolé
  28. Chucho Nonnot
  29. Noe Cuyala
  30. Vinnicius Martins
  31. Clement Roseyro
  32. Jeremiah Mcdonald
  33. Clément Colmas
  34. Noe Cantaloube
  35. Charles Brodel


  1. Flora Artzner
  2. Nia Suardiaz
  3. Paula Novotna
  4. Orane Ceris
  5. Kylie Belloeuvre
  6. Maddalena Spanu
  7. Timma Flanagan
  8. Fiona Wylde
  9. Maaike Hauvermann
  10. Rocio Reigert
  11. Manuela Jungo
  12. Tessa Beumer
  13. Audrey Marie-Agnès
  14. Lidiane Sanders
  15. Cindy Robert
  16. Nicole MacDonald
  17. Roberta Sullini
  18. Liana Oliveira
  19. Sofia Marchetti
  20. Charlotte Baruzzi

Congratulations to all the qualifiers! Go to the events calendar to prepare for your 2023 season on the GWA Wingfoil World Tour, with new events dedicated to Waves and Big-Air! Keep an eye on the individual event pages on the GWA website to submit a video application. Event listings for the 2023 Qualifying Series will be posted soon.

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