New inflatable foilings boards by Duotone: hello to the Downwinder Air and the Sky Air!

25th April 2024


More new products from Duotone! After presenting us with the new Slick and Ventis wings last month, the brand is now refreshing its range of inflatable boards with a brand new version of its Sky Air, as well as an inflatable adaptation of its Downwinder, the Downwinder Air, specially designed for lighwind or SUP foiling. Let’s take a look!

The Downwinder Air offers the travel ease and durability of our SLS composite models in a lightweight, feature-optimized package. Its streamlined pin-tail design ensures swift glide, quick acceleration, and rapid take-off, making it perfect for SUP Downwinders and efficient light wind Wing Foiling.

Finn Spencer / Photo : Jace Panebianco

Available in three sizes: 6‘10’’ x 20“ (105l), 7‘4’’ x 21“ (115l), and 7‘10’’ x 22.5“ (125l), these boards match the weights of their composite counterparts.

Klaas Voget / Photo : Toby Bromwich

Key Facts:

  • Compact and light package
  • Easy transport and handling
  • Similar performance to composite models

Stefan Spiessberger / Photo : Toby Bromwich

“The Downwinder Air is an excellent alternative to our premium composite models. Whether it’s downwinding on open ocean swell, spicing up light wind wing sessions, or simply paddling on no-wind days on lakes – this board is super versatile and guarantees fun!” – Finn Spencer

The Sky Air range features inflatable, travel-friendly versions of the Duotone Sky Free models, including a high-volume learner board. It comes with a wheeled backpack designed to hold the board, pump, and accessories, plus extra space for your wing and foil.

Maria Behrens / Photo : Toby Bromwich

Available in three sizes: 5’5” (105l), 5’9” (125l), and 7’2” (200l), the Sky Air targets the most sought-after dimensions. The high-volume 7’2” model includes side and tail fins for learning the basics with upwind capabilities when not foiling.

Chiara Socin / Photo : Toby Bromwich

Key facts:

  • Compact and light package
  • Easy transport and handling
  • Similar performance to composite models

Chiara Socin, Klaas Voget / Photo : Toby Bromwich

“The Sky Air is the perfect travel buddy for your adventures! The wheeled backpack not only fits your board, pump, and gear but also has room for your wing and foil – just pack, roll, pump and go!” – Maria Behrens

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