30 years of Adventure Sports USA !

It’s Adventure Sports USA’s birthday! For 30 years now, this shop has been making board sports accessible to everyone, from stand-up paddle to kitesurfing, from surfing to wingfoiling, but also for skateboarding, mountain biking and other outdoor sports. Based both in Florida and Maui, Adventure Sports USA distributes top brands such as Cabrinha, NeilPryde, JP Australia, Dakine and many others, from gear and accessories to lifestyle products. Well, the promise of Adventure Sports USA is still and has been for 30 years: “Whether you’re looking for kitesurfing, wingfoiling, or windsurfing gear, hydrofoils or e-foils, kayaks, paddleboards, or anything else, you can find it all here! From all the equipment for every water sport you can think of to the lifestyle, apparel and accessories on and off the beach.”. To find out more, we spoke to Raul Ruiz, Retail Operations Director at Adventure Sports USA. He tells us about the company’s history, how they’ve tackled the many evolutions of our sports over the years… and also announces the 30th anniversary party planned at Miami and Maui stores on July 28th. So let’s celebrate!

Hello, and happy anniversary to the Adventure Sports USA team! 30 years is something to celebrate! Did you expect such longevity?

We went into this for the long haul ! We are a team that is connected by our love for the water. We spread that energy and will keep spreading it long into the future.

Raul Ruiz and Lizi Ruiz – read her interview about “How to cross over from stand-up paddling to wingfoiling?”

 Who’s behind the Adventure Sports USA team? Who’s been there from the start?

We are lead by our CEO Kent Marinkovic who has been there from the very start pushing the kitesurfing brand. Many of us have been here for closing in on 10 years or more. Part of our team is also young riders who grew up, went to college, came back to work for us !

By the way, how did Adventure Sports USA come into being? What’s its history?

We are a multi-level organization with our own brands, distribution and us the Adventure Sports retail stores. Adventure Sports was previously owned by The Pryde Group until 2020. We were then acquired by Waterbound Investments chaired by Jon Modica, a former team rider for Cabrinha and passionate wind and wave sport enthusiast. We have been charging even harder since then pushing the boundaries of wind and wave sports.

Adventure Sports USA Fort Lauderdale

When you’re a shop that’s been around for 30 years, you must have seen a lot of changes in our board sports! What was the board sports scene like 30 years ago? Mainly windsurfing, wasn’t it?

Definitely lots of surfing, windsurfing and paddling back then, kiting was just at the start. We have seen many changes but consistently the number one has been kitesurfing for over 10 years.

@la_fran_kite, Adventure Sports USA Ambassador

The arrival of kitesurfing, SUP, then wingfoiling… how did you cope with all that and how did you adapt?

We invite the changes ! Water sports are meant to evolve. With the most recent introduction of wingfoiling we are able to cross people from SUP to wind sports that were not interested when it was solely kitesurf or windsurf.

Francisca Canas, Adventure Sports USA Ambassador – Photo : @arnold1956newman

In addition to the online shop, you also have several stores in Florida and also in Maui. Have you always been based there? What services do you offer locally?

We are in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Maui for our stores. We have equipment rentals in all stores, on-water rentals and lessons in kitesurfing, paddling, SUP yoga are in our Matheson Hammock Concession in Miami. We try to encourage our communities to be on the water as much as possible !

Always well received at Adventure Sports USA!

With which brands does Adventure Sports USA work today?

Cabrinha, Dakine, NeilPryde, JP Australia, Duotone, Lift, Takuma, Patagonia, Ocean Kayak, Hobie, Mystic and many, many more.

Adventure Sports USA Miami

What do you hope for the next 30 years?

Expand our community. We strive to show our passion for the water. If you talk to anyone in our shops you can feel our energy, that’s what it’s all about – sharing the waters !

Lizi Ruiz, Adventure Sports USA Ambassador

And finally, are there any plans to celebrate these 30 years?

YES! We’re having a huge party in our Miami and Maui stores on July 28th including dropping a whole new Adventure Sports apparel line celebrating the 30th anniversary.

Thank you Raul for your answers and again, happy birthday to Adventure Sports USA!

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