Top 10 accessories for wingfoiling with Dakine and Adventure Sports USA – Part Two

23rd May 2023

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Last month we brought you our first Top 10 accessories for wingfoiling with Dakine and Adventure Sports USA… here is part two! Because yes, if you can totally wingfoil with just a board, a wing and a foil, there are a whole bunch of accessories that can make your life easier, or even preserve it when it comes to security equipment. Whether it is accessories for navigation comfort, transport or storage, you have the choice! So to help you find your way around, we have prepared Part 2 of our Top 10 of the accessories for wingfoiling with Dakine and Adventures Sports USA. Let’s go!

  • Dakine Fly Leash Set

If you’re tired of getting tangled up with your leash on your legs and ankles, there’s a solution: the waist leash! The Dakine Fly Wing Leash Waist can be used in many ways, whether you want to hook your wing or board to it, or both, with its multiple attachment points. The ultra-versatile waist leash is made with a comfortable neoprene padded belt with 1″ UTX buckle for easy on and off and premium Dyneema shock absorbing leash cord. This pack also contains a Dakine wing wrist leash, a very comfortable handle leash that soft pre-curved wrist cuff to make getting on and off a snap. It features a soft pre-curved wrist cuff (2″ – 50mm) to make getting on and off a snap. It comes with a premium Dyneema elastic shock absorbing cord with extra wide loops making it easy to attach to your wing.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Dakine Fly Leash Set – $99.00

  • Dakine Foil Quiver Bag 135cm

If you want to store your foil neatly and protect it well when storing or traveling, then the Dakine Foil Quiver Bag is for you! This bag, fully padded with 1/4″ (8mm) foam, can hold two complete unassembled foils with padded compartment for masts wings and fuselage. It also features a padded handle, a removable shoulder strap and an internal tool pocket. A must-have!

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Dakine Foil Quiver Bag – $110.40

  • Dakine Cobra Half Hook

The Cobra Half Hook footstrap from Dakine is the ideal strap for riders learning to wingfoil with straps, or for those with oversized feet or fragile ankles. Indeed, this half footstrap, especially placed at the back of your board, will allow you to learn to switch your feet easier, while having support while sailing. This half footstrap will also be your ally if you are afraid of getting stuck in it and injuring yourself. The Cobra Half Hook footstrap feature a strong injection molded HDPE foot hook with an ergonomic foot holding shape, covered with 10mm thick foam padding and 4mm neoprene. It can be mounted on all boards equipped with inserts thanks to its oversized stainless steel washer. The Cobra Half Hook footstrap is available in one size fits most.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Dakine Cobra Half Hook – $27.00

  • Dakine Slim Footstrap

For riders looking for thin and light footstraps, opt for the Dakine Slim Footstrap instead. These fix length footstraps are lightweight and comfortable. Reinforced to hold its shape to slide your foot in intuitively, they target riders who desire minimum weight with comfort.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Dakine Slim Footstrap – $24.00

  • Dakine Foil Wing Cinch Cover

For those who may not disassemble their foil at each session, here is a cover that will be very useful to extend the life of your foil! The Dakine Foil Wing Cinch Cover protects your front wing, stabilizer wing, and fuselage, with its 5mm foam padding and full perimeter protection binding. Easy and quick to install with its on/off cinch closure and secure with side release buckle, this is the ideal cover to save you time! Available in two sizes to fit different foils.

Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Dakine Foil Wing Cinch Cover – $33.00

  • Dakine Mesh Wing Compression Bag

It’s the ideal bag to carry your wing after a session: you won’t put away your wet wing! With its unfolding mesh pocket, you can store and transport your Wing after your session, before drying it and storing it in its bag (or returning to the water!). This bag also features a sand pouch for anchoring your wing or kite to the ground on light wind days. This bag, in lightweight nylon fabric, has a shoulder carry strap for beach travel and four compression webbing straps.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Dakine Mesh Wing Compression Bag – $54.00

  • Dakine Tie Down Straps

For those times when your wing board won’t fit in your car, you’ll need the Dakine Tie Down Straps! They will allow you to attach and secure your gear during transport on the roof rack of your car. These straps are offered as a set of two 12-foot straps. The Tie Down Straps feature the secure tightening of heavy-duty 1-inch cam buckles, and also foam and neoprene protection that protects your gear and car from the buckle.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Dakine Tie Down Straps – $30.00

  • Dakine Foil Bump Cap

For your summer sessions in light wind, we have found your perfect style and safety ally! The Dakine Foil Bump Cap is a cap that will protect you both from the sun and from possible shocks. This 5 panel construction style cap contains an HDPE Bump Shell and mesh ear covers. It also has an adjustable chin strap and back strap. Perfect for riding light but well protected!

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Foil Bump Cap – $49.00

  • Dakine Full Finger Sailing Gloves

An essential for all those who want to protect their hands during long rides! These Full Finger Sailing Gloves are made with non-slip palm material, compression molded neoprene back panel and breathable mesh for maximum comfort. No more blisters or little sores! Available from XS to XL, you will necessarily find the ones you need.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Dakine Full Finger Sailing Gloves – $34.00

  • Dakine Stance Driver

This very practical ratchet screwdriver contains all the bits necessary for mounting your foil or your footstraps. Small and compact, you can take it everywhere, in your foil bags or even in the pocket of your boardshort to make your adjustments on the beach. It also has a tape measure, it can always be used. In short, a must-have!

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Dakine Stance Driver – $16.00

There you go! We hope this Top has helped you find the accessories you need, and don’t hesitate to continue your visit to Adventure Sports USA to discover and buy wingfoil gear from major brands: NeilPryde, JP, Cabrinha or Dakine!

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