The NeilPryde Fly wing told by the French rider Kylie Belloeuvre

The NeilPryde Fly is now available at Adventure Sports USA! NeilPryde, the historic windsurfing brand, has finally entered the world of wingfoil in 2023, with its wing Fly and specialized boards from sister brand JP Australia. This launch was accompanied by the creation of a team of ultra-motivated and talented riders: Vinnicius Martins, Sam Est√®ve, Riccardo and Sebastiano Zorzi, Daniel Dingerkus… and also Kylie Belloeuvre. At the age of 21, Kylie Belloeuvre has already had a long career in the world of sailing: she comes from Olympic windsurfing, and sailed as a youngster on a Bic Techno 293 before joining the P√īle Espoir Voile de Marseille, on the Olympic support RS:X… which was produced by NeilPryde! She even won the bronze medal at the French RS:X Championship in 2019. Now in the sport-study section at the INSA engineering school in Lyon, Kylie is pursuing both her sporting and academic projects. With the intense pace imposed by the two wingfoil world tours, Kylie mainly sails on competition spots. Otherwise, on weekends, you can find her around her club AVCR in Carry-le-Rouet, between the Carro and Marseille spots. In 2022, Kylie Belloeuvre began to establish herself among the top women on the international scene: 5th overall in GWA Surf-Slalom and also in GWA Surf-Freestyle; and also 5th overall in IWSA Wingfoil Racing, after a fine third-place finish at the Jericoacora World Cup. Thanks to this latest result, Kylie Belloeuvre is the second Frenchwoman, after Orane Ceris, to qualify for this summer’s event, the ANOC World Beach Games in Bali! Fully equipped by NeilPryde and JP Australia, Kylie is ready to move up a gear this season. Between the Lake Garda and Silvaplana events, Kylie took the time to give us her opinion on the NeilPryde Fly and tell us about her next goals.

Photo : Philip Mackenbrock @philmagram

Hi Kylie! We wanted to talk to you about the new Neilpryde Fly, so first of all, what are your overall impressions of this wing?

Hello! I really like this wing, it’s a big change from the ones I’ve used up to now (F-One then Takoon) but with a wider range of uses thanks to its shape and handles.

Photo : @lukas_k_stiller

What are your impressions of the Fly‘s rigid handles, including the front handle with its more open angle?

This kind of rigid handle gives the wing real control, making it really stable in all gaits. The fact that it has a more open angle keeps the sail further away from us, which is a position we were looking to find in windsurfing and which translates very well to the wing. In fact, it avoids the wing coming back on us, which makes it more stable, and you’re in a good position to face it, because physically you don’t have to compensate for a difference in length between the front and rear arms to get the wing tucked in correctly.

Where does the Fly stand in terms of power and rigidity?

The Fly is pretty powerful. For example, my favorite wing was a 3.5 before the Fly, and now it’s a 2.9. I think that’s a good advantage, because it means I can use smaller wings than usual, and therefore be less cluttered.

Photo : Markus Greber

The Fly has small windows close to the central batten. What do you think of them? Are they useful, especially when racing?

The small windows aren’t bad, but they’re still small enough to give me real visibility downwind, so they’re useful as indicators in racing, but they’re not yet big enough for me to be able to use them to observe and control a fleet, which is something the team is working on. However, for fun sessions, they’re more than enough to see the information you need.

Photo : IWSA Media

Let’s talk quickly about the Fly bag, which has the kind of little details we love: a shoulder brace to carry your board and foil comfortably! Can you tell us about it?

It’s the kind of little detail we’ve always found and loved in NeilPryde for windsurfing! There are always little accessories where you think they’ve really thought their gear through. The bag is really well-thought-out, with several bag sizes to suit different wing sizes, so you don’t have a complicated return from a session with a wing that refuses to cooperate! There’s also a little strap to hang your helmet on the side, a strap for the pump, a reinforcement on the shoulder so that the foil doesn’t hurt when you carry it on your shoulder, and a front pocket for a little storage space. These are the little things that make all the difference to the overall experience. What’s more, I’ve got a spot just down the road that’s a 5-minute walk from my house, and that’s when these accessories take on their full meaning!

Photo : H20 Sports

What do you use the Fly for?

I use the Fly for everything! And it suits me for everything! In a race, it holds up well, has good power and acceleration thanks to the handles. In freeride, it’s totally awesome, it’s super easy to handle and feels great in the hand, and my Dad rides it and loves it. In wave, I’m not a killer, but I like them and I don’t find they get in the way in turns.

Photo : DR Mondial du Vent

You’re part of NeilPryde’s very first wingfoil team. What made you want to join them?

I’ve always known about NeilPryde. Ever since I was a little girl, it’s always been the gear of champions for me: Olympics from 2008 to 2021 in NeilPryde, Antoine Albeau at NeilPryde, Sarah Quitta too! These are the big names I’ve been following since I was a kid. In fact, my windsurfing funboard gear has been NeilPryde and JP Australia for years! When they contacted me, I thought that little Kylie, who was going to the Mondial du Vent to see her idols, should be proud of what she’d achieved. Then, when I saw how serious their wing project was, I just had to go for it!

Photo : @alanvangysen

Do you know why it took so long for NeilPryde to reach the wing market?

As those who come from a windsurfing background will know, NeilPryde has always been a historic brand in windsurfing, with highly specialized and well-developed equipment that has created a community of purists! Also known for its fast windfoil foils, the brand’s motto is: “Good things take time”. With this in mind, when they saw the arrival of the wing, they observed and then wanted to develop their own vision of the wing, not copy standards. That’s why the development of this Fly took time, to be sure of the product they wanted to present, and to continue to convey the image of a brand thought through to the smallest detail.

Photo : @philmagram

As for you, after a fine 2022 season and 5th place on the Wingfoil Racing circuit, you’ve qualified for the ANOC World Beach Games to be held this summer in Bali. What are your goals for the 2023 season?

My objectives this year are clearly focused on the Beach Games. With the end of my preparatory course at INSA, I can’t train as much as the others, so I’ll be prioritizing the race until the end of the summer. I’m inevitably a bit sad to have to slow down on freestyle, especially as the girls are sending off with a bang, but for the summer’s objectives, it wouldn’t be realistic to want to follow both disciplines to the hilt.

Photo : IWSA Media

Thank you very much Kylie for your answers, and we will follow your adventure at the Beach Games closely!

NeilPryde Fly main features :

  • Modified Delta Planform: upwind performance and control
  • Dihedral Front Profile: High Aspect Ratio for performance and roll stability
  • High Tension Frame: for stability and immediate power
  • Transverse Canopy Panelling: stability and long-term durability
  • High Tension Canopy: matching threadlines to load paths
  • High Lift Coefficient: more lift, more power, more thrust
  • Highest Stall Angle: acceleration and upwind performance
  • Low Drag Wingtips: reducing drag, allowing dynamic twist
  • Vented Strut: equalizes pressure across both side of wing, stabilize roll
  • Integrated Batten System: fast trailing edge, controls flutter
  • Staggered Material Weights: reduce swing weight, strength where needed most
  • Rigid Tubular Handles: amazing roll control and comfort
  • Rigid Drop Grip Front Handle: reducing body turbulences, increasing wingtip clearance
  • Ultra Fast Independent Valves: increased pressure stability, quick inflation and deflation
  • Independent Air Chambers: maximum stiffness and improved safety

Photo : Markus Greber

Find the NeilPryde Fly from 3,3sqm to 6sqm at Adventure Sports USA!

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