Top 10 accessories for wingfoiling with Dakine and Adventure Sports USA – Part One

25th April 2023

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For wingfoiling, you will need: a board, a wing and a foil. And that’s all ? Even if you can go in the water like that, for wingfoiling, there are quite a lot of accessories that are essential, especially in terms of safety, and others that can make your life easier, in terms of assembly, transport or storage of your equipment. Luckily, we have a choice when it comes to finding the accessories we need, as our sport is developing so quickly. So to help you find your way around, we have prepared a little Top 10 for you, in fact, a Top 20 since there will be a Part Two, of the accessories for wingfoiling with Dakine and Adventures Sports USA. Let’s go !

  • Dakine Foil Hardware Tool Roll

It’s THE little accessory you don’t think of, but which can make life much easier! The Foil Hardware Tool Roll is a roll that allows you to store and organize all your tools and hardware for your foil and your board. It consists of multiple mesh pockets, convenient to see at a glance their contents, and one large pocket for storing fins, footstraps or more oversized items. Once rolled up, it takes up little space and will be easy to store in your foil bag or your board bag, or even in a corner of your car. The Foil Hardware Tool Roll also has a top loop hook, very practical for hanging it on your foil or your car during your foil assembly!

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Foil Hardware Tool Roll – $29.00

  • Dakine Wing Travel Wagon

Are you planning to go on a wingfoil trip? Then you will need a bag that will ensure you to take your gear safely to your destination. For that, there is the Dakine Wing Travel Wagon! This bag is designed to hold all your gear, with ample space for foils, wings, boards, and harnesses. With its heavy-duty urethane wheels, the Wing Travel Wagon is ready to roll through airports and train stations. This sturdy coffin-style bag comes equipped with integrated bungee storage to secure your foils and accessories, as well as a board divider to keep your board protected from your foils. Available in sizes 5’4” and 5’8” you will inevitably find the bag that will follow you on your next adventures!

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Wing Travel Wagon – $399.00

  • Dakine Surface Vest

To wingfoil, it’s quite essential, you will need an impact vest. The Dakine Surface Vest will give you the protection you need! This neoprene vest features a super-stretch design for movement freedom, a zippered front for easy removal, also a dual sport and closed-cell design. The little extra? It is compatible with harnesses! Available from XS to XXL, in blue or black, you should find your happiness!

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Surface Vest – $159.00

  • Dakine Renegade Helmet

Still on the safety side, you will need a helmet! The Renegade helmet from Dakine is designed and certified (CE EN-1385) to keep your head safe, whether kiteboarding, windsurfing, foiling, winging, or wakeboarding, with its impact resistant ABS outer shell. This lightweight helmet features non-water-absorbing EVA padding that remains pleasantly soft and light. The size adjustment at the back of the head and the adjustable chin strap ensure a secure and comfortable fit. What more? This helmet also features removable ear covers to prevent hearing damage from water impacts and to protect you from cold and wind. Available from XS to XL, the Renegade helmet is available in 5 colors, to ride with style but in complete safety!

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Renegade Helmet – $69.00

  • Solo Wing Harness

To extend your sessions and help you point further upwind, the best solution is to get into the harness. But, as we know, you didn’t go to wing to find again everything that is cumbersome in kitesurfing or windsurfing, like the harness. As a result, the manufacturers started to imagine thinner and lighter harnesses, that they make themselves forgotten. The Solo Wing Harness from Dakine is one of them: it’s minimalist, flexible, light and contains no hard parts that could hurt you or damage the board. It features a soft neoprene construction, lightweight and packable design, but also integrated leash attachment points. Its Hanger Wing Sliding Hook will allow you to get on and row on your board without any difficulty. Plus, you can wear it with the Surface Vest! From XS to XL, the Solo Wing Harness is available in blue or black.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Solo Wing Harness – $139.00

  • Fly Wing Harness Line

Speaking of harnesses, to use it you will need a harness line. The Fly Wing Harness Line by Dakine is a harness line made of high quality urethane tubing with adjustable length. It allows easy hooking in and unhooking to your wing, while offering rigidity and a good feeling while riding. You can use it on all your wings: the Fly Wing Harness Line is able to be attached to a boom, handle, or pigtail connections.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Fly Wing Harness – $45.00

  • Dakine Primo Footstrap

Are you looking for footstraps that will make you feel like in your slippers? The Dakine Primo Footstraps are made for you! These footstraps are the ultimate combination of performance, comfort, and value. Designed in thick 7mm neoprene, with a pre-formed arch and an internal adjustment system, your feet will be well wedged and comfortable. With its single or double insert compatibility, you can mount them on all your boards. And they are also available in two colors!

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Primo Footstrap – $29.00

  • Half Finger Sailing Gloves

An essential for all those who want to protect their hands during long rides! These Half Finger Sailing Gloves are made with non-slip palm material, compression molded neoprene back panel and breathable mesh for maximum comfort. No more blisters or little sores!

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Half Finger Sailing Gloves – $32.00

  • Wing Board Sock

The practicality of a surf sock cover, but adapted to the dimensions of a wing board! The Wing Board Sock keeps your board looking and feeling new by offering optimal protection for daily transportation to-and-from your house. After a day on the water, remove the foil before slipping it over your board as a soft shield against ding, dents, and the sun’s unrelenting rays. The Wing Board Sock is made with soft stretch fabric for light protection and features a 600D Polyester nose panel for added protection. It also has an extra length so you can put it on your board even with the foil mast mounted. The Wing Board Sock is available in three sizes: 5′, 5’4 and 5’8.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Wing Board Sock – $59.00

  • Fly Wing Leash Waist

If you’re tired of getting tangled up with your leash on your wrist, there’s a solution: the waist leash! The Dakine Fly Wing Leash Waist can be used in many ways, whether you want to hook your wing or board to it, or both, with its multiple attachment points. The ultra-versatile waist leash is made with a comfortable neoprene padded belt with 1″ UTX buckle for easy on and off and premium Dyneema shock absorbing leash cord.

> Buy on Adventure Sports USA – Fly Wing Leash Waist – $69.00

There you go! We hope this Top has helped you find the accessories you need, but stay tuned, because the second part is coming very soon!

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