Wingfoil Racing Europeans: Nia Suardiaz and Mathis Ghio winners in Greece!

That’s a wrap for the Wingfoil Racing Europeans! 35 wingers from 11 countries came to Artemis Beach, on the east shore of Athens, Greece, to take part in the event which was also the continental qualification of Europe for the ANOC World Beach Games 2023 that will be held in Bali this August. For 4 days, from April 26 to 30, the riders competed over 17 rounds, including 3 long distances on the first day. The competition was the scene of superb performances, notably from Mathis Ghio and Nia Suardiaz, for her first time on the circuit, who left with the titles of European Champions! Here are the results.

Photo: © IWSA


New on the circuit, but whom you all already know, Nia Suardiaz (ESP) will have achieved a superb performance, winning absolutely all the rounds in the women’s category, and being in fact crowned European Champion and winning her ticket to Bali. Behind her, Orane Ceris (FRA), very quickly secured her silver medal thanks to her consistency. Third place on the podium was more contested, with Maddalena Spanu (ITA), Montse Sole Roses (ESP) and Karolina Kluszczynska (POL) all just a few points away from the bronze medal, ultimately won by Maddalena.

Photo: © IWSA/ Lina Gvazdauskaite

  1. Nia Suardiaz ESP
  2. Orane Ceris FRA
  3. Maddalena Spanu ITA


On the men’s side, we once again witnessed a domination by Mathis Ghio (FRA), who won almost all of his heats. The rest of the podium was open to the challenge: Mateo Dussarps (FRA), Nicolo Spanu (ITA) and Luca Franchi (ITA) performed more or less at the same level but two mistakes on day 2 for Franchi made the podium an impossible feat for the Italian. At the end, it was Nicolo Spanu who got silver, leaving Mateo Dussarps in third place with a single point difference.

Photo: © IWSA/ Lina Gvazdauskaite

  1. Mathis Ghio FRA
  2. Nicolo Spanu ITA
  3. Mateo Dusarps FRA


Nia Suardiaz (ESP), winner of these Wingfoil Racing Europeans, took part in this circuit for the first time. Not having yet qualified for Bali, it is therefore she who won her ticket for the ANOC World Beach Games! Among the men, the battle for the ticket to Bali was played out quite far from the podium: all the first being already qualified or not eligible (two qualified per country and per gender – Mathis Ghio and Bastien Escofet for France, and Luca Franchi and Francesco Cappuzzo for Italy, are already qualified, so there can’t be any other qualified French or Italians). At the end it was the VAYU rider Yannik Holste (GER) who got the ticket and he managed to seal the deal on the second day of racing, when he was the only one of the eligible riders to qualify to the gold fleet.

Photo: © IWSA

  • Women: Nia Suardiaz ESP
  • Men: Yannik Holste GER

Next, and final, qualification event that will be held in Lake Garda next month, which is also a Wingfoil Racing World Cup ! Not to miss !

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