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7th March 2023

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A new chapter opens for Team FreeWing! Bruno Kancel, who showed us the best wing spots in Guadeloupe a few weeks ago, has been named Team Manager of Team FreeWing! Bruno Kancel is a Guadeloupean very involved in the world of sailing, he is even the president of the local sailing league since 2021. Videographer and drone pilot, he also has a solid background in windsurfing and windfoiling. Bruno has been a part of the Starboard Tiki family for many years and riding with FreeWing from the very beginning in 2020. As a big season is about to start, the FreeWing team and its super riders (Orane Ceris, Clement Colmas, Fiona Wylde, Xavi Corr…) have great ambitions on the various World Tours and on other competitions, but also to promote the brand’s gear and future novelties to come. This is where Bruno Kancel’s role as Team Manager comes in, with the added dimension of developing young riders and promoting the sport at the grassroots level. But that, he will explain it to you better himself!

Hello Bruno, you are the new Team Manager at FreeWing, can you explain to us what this mission consists of?

Team Manager is very vast, more than we imagine! It is a question of making the link between the riders and the brand, whether it is contracts, material endowments, supply, competitive objectives and media… Finally, a rather delicate position which implies a relative proximity with the riders while keeping brand interests in mind. It’s also about keeping an eye open for the next rising star who could join the team.

What was your background before this new adventure?

Very various! I am often told that I have had several lives, but to come to this: first I was actually team rider (windsurfing) for the Caribbean distributor, promoting the gear and also providing dream images. I got a lot of talk about myself with beautiful drone images on Guadeloupe spots flying very low and very close to the riders. I also gradually participated in the development of certain products; it led me to understand the philosophy of the brand. A relationship that has been built over several years. Then it’s top secret 😉

Why FreeWing?

An opportunity, I would say. I am lucky to be able to accomplish this mission from Guadeloupe; a proposal like that cannot be refused, especially when you are passionate like me. Especially since it fits perfectly with the developments to come on the personal side! It’s quite a challenge too; I work offbeat for meetings or to chat with riders all over the world and all that in English (go to school kids!)!

FreeWing benefits from the knowledge of windsurfing, SUP and kite; there is clearly room for writing great stories with our riders and creating equipment always at the forefront as Starboard has always been able to do.

Photo : Robin Christol

Can you tell us what is, and who are in the FreeWing Team?

It’s a large, fairly complementary family, a band of superheroes each with their strengths in freestyle, freewave or race.

We have Xavi Corr, Orane Ceris, Zane Schweitzer, Benoit Carpentier, Liam Dunkerberk, Clement Colmas, Fiona Wylde, Victor Hays, Niro Cohen… It’s really cool to have all these different profiles within the brand, which fits perfectly with the spirit of the wing; it starts with freeriding and then seeks performance in waves, jumps or speed.

What are Team FreeWing’s objectives for 2023?

There are of course everyone’s competitive goals on the GWA or IWSA circuits and major events like the DĂ©fi Wing or the ANOC World Beach Games in Bali. Beyond that, the Team is working hard on the development of future models and on photoshoots, like at the moment in New Caledonia.

Photo : GĂŒlen Kancel

What are your projects for the development of young riders, but also to promote wingfoil locally and for everyone?

On this point, my experience in the sailing league brings me a lot: 1 – the development of the practice in the broad sense and 2 – the accompaniment of the high level; which is not incompatible with working within a brand. I would like to facilitate the arrival of the wing in club activity and participate in the creation of a sports section. It’s a very French model to see things but which, when understood, makes the practice affordable and gives chances of progression to the most competitive!

We have some very promising young boys and girls in Guadeloupe, it would be very convenient for me to start with a new runner at home!

Photo: GĂŒlen Kancel

And finally, what are the next meetings of Team FreeWing, and where will you follow them?

The big meeting to see an (almost) complete team will be at the DĂ©fi Wing in France with a big dedicated stand!! Otherwise, start of hostilities soon in NZ for the GWA.

Thank you, Bruno, for your answers, we wish you and the whole FreeWing team an incredible season!

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