Freewing Nitro Reloaded : welcome to the N-TEAM wing

1st November 2022

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The Freewing Nitro wing changes its name and becomes the Freewing N-TEAM! Still just as light, rigid, powerful and easy to handle, it simply changed its name for rights and marketing reasons. Find bellow the statement of Svein Rasmussen, Sestar CEO (parent company of Starboard, Airush, Severne and SOMWR).

NITRO Reloaded

We at Freewing chose a great name for our most cutting-edge wing.
Having grown up with winter sports I recognized this name as a brand name in snowboarding and I did not properly check trademark rights for use in watersports.

When the good people at the snowboarding company approached our German distribution partner, APM Marketing, about the name which is trademarked, we highly respected the great name they have been promoting and agreed to stop promoting the name in all the Freewing marketing activities.

As this product already features the most advanced technologies, as well as using Hoókipa Ultra PE material, we decided to use this opportunity to start with the ‘Team Series’ for the FreeWing brand. The current wing will therefore be promoted as N-TEAM, while the next model will be know as the AIR TEAM. Our marketing team will update our marketing measures accordingly, to promote this industry-leading product.

I would like to thank Nitro AG for finding an amicable solution and work things out with great sportsmanship manners.

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And discover the Freewing N-TEAM presented by Orane Ceris and Clément Colmas in our interview (in French)!

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