AirTeam: the new lightweight, manouvrable and durable wing by FreeWing

24th April 2024


A few days ago, FreeWing unveiled its latest wing, the AirTeam. The result of several years’ experience with the N-Team and Air models, FreeWing wanted the AirTeam to be a high-performance wing with no compromises. The AIR Team features new, innovative materials infused with cutting-edge designs to offer wingfoilers an ultra-responsive, lightweight wing that delivers smooth power and is dedicated to riders looking for a step-up in durability and performance. Developed in conjunction with the wave and freestyle FreeWing Dream Team, the AIR Team is a performance-oriented wing for freestyle, wave and downwinding.

Ultra X canopy and Ho’okipa Ultra PE leading edge

The AIR Team is the first model in the FreeWing range to incorporate the Ultra X canopy material — developed in conjunction with Challenge Sailcloth and exclusive to FreeWing. This brings new levels of durability and low-stretch characteristics at no additional weight. Combined with the proven Ho’okipa Ultra PE high-pressure leading edge and strut, the AIR Team delivers a durable and efficient wing.

What is the Ultra X Canopy ?

  • An ultralight weight 3-layer laminate
  • 4 times more durable than woven canopy
  • Woven base layer enhanced with ultra light PE mesh to carry primary load
  • Fused together with a low stretch 0.25 mm film.

The result : a low stretch, ultra-responsive and lightweight (86gsm) canopy.

And the Ho’okipa Ultra PE ?

Unmatched durability, lightweight and responsiveness. Ho’okipa is a unique composite built with a reliable woven structure, supercharged through Ultra-PE fibres, which are 32x stronger than polyester at the same weight. This tensile strength allows a Ho’okipa leading edge and strut to be inflated to significantly higher pressures, creating a wing that is lighter and more responsive.


The AIR Team can be configured with multiple options to suit every rider’s preferences. Featuring FreeWing’s Modular Handle System technology, the AirTeam comes with the new Alu Ultra Grip Hard Handles, but you can customise it with the optional Firm Flex Grip Handles.

The leading-edge front handle design offers generous space & comfort, featuring the Firm-Flex Grip Handle technology for superior rigidity, responsiveness, and optimal wing control. Switch out to the Alu-Ultra Grip hard handle (aftermarket option) for complete flag-out control during wave riding & downwinding sessions.

Key Features

  • Innovative seam construction that can tolerate higher PSI
  • Center strut connection for a stiffer overall airframe
  • Medium canopy tension for consistent power delivery and flagged-out stability
  • Optimised geometry, medium-aspect wing ratio
  • Drag reduction wingtips
  • Comfort strut shape
  • Optimised dihedral to maintain significant power
  • Large bag with pump holder
  • Size-specific leashes
  • Nozzle adapter included

Available Sizes

The FreeWing Air-Team is available from 3m² to 6m², every half square metre. It covers a wind range from 8 to 38 knots.

>>Find out more about the AirTeam on the FreeWing website <<

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