Introducing the 2024 FreeWing Dream Team !

After a successful year, FreeWing are proud to introduce their 2024 Dream Team, with an incredibly diverse and talented group of athletes. Diverse because their riders, men and women, cover the whole wingfoiling spectrum from freestyle and race, to big waves, and have top podium positions in across many categories. Talented also, every rider deserves to be on the Dream Team in their own right, who have been dedicated and worked really hard to be here. FreeWing have also introduced a team of Youth riders to watch for those who are rising rapidly and are the ones to keep an eye on. Watch for the FreeWing team flying high on waters around the world!


On the competitive wingfoil scene since the very beginning, Orane Ceris is one of the most versatile athletes in the world. In short, she finished 2023 as World Vice-Champion in three disciplines: GWA Surf-Freestyle, GWA Freefly-Slalom and Wingfoil Racing. Hardworking, technical and talented, Orane Ceris has been supported by FreeWing for several years now and often talks to us about her equipment in TotalWing.

Latest achievements:

🥈 GWA Surf-Freestyle 2023
🥈 GWA Freefly-Slalom 2023
🥈 Wingfoil Racing World Championship 2023
🥇 GWA European Championship Surf-Freestyle 2023

“This year, 2023, was very intense! I challenged myself by competing in three different wingfoil disciplines: Freestyle, FreeFly slalom, and Racing. I successfully made it to the podium in each of them, which is really cool! However, I finished the season with a knee injury so the goal is to quietly return to peak performance and aim for a world title in 2025. I am extremely proud to be part of the Starboard dream team. Being surrounded by such talented athletes is truly inspiring and keeps me driven.” – Orane Ceris


Fiona Wylde is an talented all-round waterwoman: after more than 10 years at the top of the international SUP racing scene, she has also competed at a high level in windsurfing and wingfoiling. Back in 2023 after a shoulder injury, Fiona made a big impression on the Wingfoil Racing circuit by winning the Silvaplana stage last summer! In 2024, she is shifting her goals, stepping into more of a coaching and supporting role compared to racing. She still plans to participate in many races, but not as frequently as in years past.

The main objectives for 2024 include developing Wylde Wind & Water, the non-profit organization founded by Fiona to provide watersport and water safety education, with numerous community projects. Additionally, Fiona is stepping into a completely new role as the new Class Manager for the first-ever Wingfoil One Design equipment called X-15 Class produced by FreeWing and Starboard. In this role, Fiona will develop an internationally recognised one-design class and provide a pathway for the sport of wing foiling.

Latest achievements:

🥇 Wingfoil Racing – Silvaplana
🎖️ 4th Wingfoil Racing – Sardinia
🎖️ 10th Wingfoil Racing World Championship 2023
🥇 Sprint World Cup Champion at APP Alicante 2023 (SUP)
🥇 Gorge Paddle Challenge Champion 2023 (SUP)
🥇 Sarasota ICF World Cup 2023 (SUP)

“2023 opened the doors to a new era of my professional career. I was recovering and re-entering competition after a major shoulder surgery finding myself a top podiums in both Stand Up Paddling and Wing Foiling. Last year, I realized how much I have dedicated my life to the sports and how much I have been fortunate enough to experience from competing internationally. My shoulder is strong, although it is not exactly what it was before the surgery. That is part of life, that is part of being an athlete, and it also puts a lot of perspective on the priorities I have had over the year, allowing me to make new priorities going forward, I’m excited with the new direction I’m heading in 2024 and I think it’s going to be positive for myself, my family, and also the sports as a whole.” – Fiona Wylde


Photo : Lukas K Stiller

Benoit has set inspiring goals for his 2024 season: to have fun on the water, surf some big waves, and win some events! He is putting all his efforts into getting stronger physically and working on the gear to be ready on the big day to make these goals happen this year. Passionate about waves of all crafts, Benoit has found in the GWA Wave discipline the way to express his talent in surfing-wingfoiling.

Latest achievements:

🎖️ 5th GWA Wingfoil World Cup – Wave – Cabo Verde 2024
🎖️ 6th GWA Wave 2024
🥈 GWA Wingfoil World Cup – Wave – Cabo Verde 2024
🥇 APP World Champion 2023 (SUP)
🥇 European SUP surf champion 2023 (SUP)
🥇 European longboard champion 2023 (SUP)
🥉 ISA World Championships 2023 (SUP)

“2023 was an amazing year with some big events, a new adventure on the wing foil side, few good results and some not so good but plenty of fun in the water with old and new friends that I met on the road!” – Benoit Carpentier


Photo : Alessio Tamborini

Talented SUP racer as well as a wingfoiler and SUP foiler, Clément Colmas needs no introduction.Focusing on favourite disciplines and getting good train plans for 2024 events, Clement is excited for the year. His main objectives are the Défi Wing and Molokai 2 Oahu events, both of which he is determined to win!

Latest achievements:

🥇 X-15 Class Demo Race – Foiling Week 2023
🎖️ 4th Défi Wing 2023
🥇 European championship long distance 2023 (SUP)
🥇 European champion technical race 2023 (SUP)
🥇 Madeira SUP race Euro Tour 2023 (SUP)

“In 2023 I had some good results and some other disappointing results. Overall It’s been an amazing year competing in SUP racing and wingfoiling all over the world with some epic sessions at home.” – Clement Colmas


New recruit to the FreeWing Dream Team, Victor Loof is just 14 years old! For his first international competition in 2023, Victor made a big impression by taking third place in the U19 Wingfoil Racing World Cup Sardinia. Already well used to racing on X-15 Class equipment, we’re sure Victor’s future will be paved with success!

Latest achievements:

🥉 U-19 Wingfoil Racing World Cup Sardinia 2023
🎖️ 11th Optimist World Championship

“Dude, 2023 was freaking awesome! I had some insane events and made huge improvements in wingfoil racing. I even surprised myself with a killer result! I’m so pumped for another epic year ahead, filled with more races and pushing my limits. Can’t wait to tackle those wingfoil races and have a blast in any conditions that come my way! Let’s go! 🤙🌊🏄‍♂️” – Victor Loof


As an innovator in the Oceansports industry and a leader in the world of SUP Surf and Foiling, in 2024 Zane is looking forward to focusing his efforts, structuring training and working towards his growth and performance around his favourite oceansports and favourite training grounds in Hawaii. He is going to continue to share his progress, training, and environmental initiatives through his social channels to encourage all the others to follow the action!

Latest achievements:

🥉 GWA Wingfoil World Cup – Wave – Cabo Verde 2024
🌟 7th M2O World Championships Wingfoil
🥇 Pan-AM SUP Surf 2023
🥇 DaHui Backdoor Shootout Pipeline, Oahu 2023 SUP Surf
🥇 Surfercross Surf 2023
🥇 Longboard SUP Revolution, Bali 2023 SUP Surf

“2023 was an epic year for me both professionally in my sports career and personally as a new father! I feel grateful for yet another year ahead and continue to grow, adapt, and learn from my experiences, which were diverse to say the least! Between meeting career goals like becoming a Pan Am Olympic Gold Medalist, personal development becoming a father and community resilience enduring the 2023 Lahaina fires and responding as a community leader, and more!” – Zane Schweitzer


Enoha Laurent – Photo : GWA Youth / Samuel Cárdenas

In 2024, FreeWing is also supporting a team of talented, ultra-motivated young people from the four corners of the world. With the support they receive from the brand, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing these youngsters on the international podium very soon! The young team includes the Germans Franz Rappolder, Leo Frost and Johann Richter, as well as the Dutchman Julian Koldeweid, the Guadeloupean rider Enoha Laurent, whom we interviewed last summer, the Israeli Orian Klein, the Spaniard Mario Macia, the British rider Sennen Crossley and, last but not least, Shane Promwaen from Thailand.


Bruno Kancel

FreeWing also has a team of national riders, who spread the brand’s fame around the world and shine in local competitions. They notably include Niro Cohen, a talented rider from Israel, Raimondo Gasperini, an ultra-competitive Italian waterman and coach, and Bruno Kancel from Guadeloupe, team manager whom we interviewed last year. Also on the list are the Germans Carsten Kurmis and Elias Ouahmid, the British Marie Buchanan, a fine team from Thailand with Whatcharpong ‘Boss’ Jantham, Satchapong ‘Karn’ Vimonsatiankit, Noey Variny and Itsarakul Kyo, and finally Esteban De Cruz from France and New Zealander Trevor Tunnington.

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