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28th April 2024


Winter may be dragging on, but the beautiful spring sessions are just around the corner! It’s time to get your gear out and check that it’s in good condition for the season. And why not equip yourself with some small (or big) accessories that will make your life and your ride easier. With Indiana Paddle & Surf, we take a look at the best accessories to equip you before the summer!

  • Indiana Rail Protection Tape

To avoid splinters and scratches when you put your board on its rails, or when you get back on it, fit it with adhesive rail protectors. These thick, transparent stickers provide effective protection for your board.

> Buy on the Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. Website – Rail Protection Tape – 29€

  • Indiana Foil Coil Waist Leash 8′

Safety first! Stay connected to your board with the leash, an essential safety accessory. This leash, which is worn on the belt, not only frees your feet for greater freedom of movement, but also reduces the risk of getting tangled up. What a plus!

> Buy on the Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. Website – Indiana Foil Coil Waist Leash 8′ – 69€

  • Indiana V-Strap Set

There’s nothing better than switching to riding with footstraps if you want to throw down jumps, pick up speed and become one with your board! With this set of Indiana V-shaped footstraps, you can easily add straps to your board, without having to stack them to get the V shape that lets you ride goofy and regular. Lightweight and comfortable, they also come with all the necessary screws and bolts.

> Buy on the Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. Website – Indiana V-Strap Set – 49€

  • Indiana Triple Action Pump HP6

This Triple Action Pump ensures fast and effortless inflation for your wing or your inflatable board. Compared to a normal Double Action Pump, you can inflate your board with the HP6 with about 30% less pump surges. The ideal pressure of 15 PSI (for boards) is achieved about 20% faster than with normal double stroke pumps.

> Buy on the Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. Website – Indiana Triple Action Pump HP6 – 129€

  • Indiana Battery Pump HT-790

And for those who don’t want to pump anymore and want to take advantage of inflating their wing to get ready… there’s the electric pump! The Battery Pump allows the pressure unit to be changed quickly and easily and pumps up to 16 PSI. With the ergonomic folding handle, it can also be easily transported. Thanks to the integrated stop function, the pump switches off automatically when the set point is reached. The built-in, highly efficient lithium battery with real-time display in the battery is equipped with a double USB socket and offers various charging options. The robust hose with various adapters enables a multitude of possible uses.

> Buy on the Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. Website – Indiana Battery Pump HT-790 – 199€

  • Indiana Waterproof Smartphone Case

For your safety, it’s always a good idea to take your phone with you during your sessions. And for that, you’ll certainly need a waterproof case! The Indiana floatable Waterproof Phone Sleeve is made of polyester with PU coating and high-density watertight ZIP. The clear window of the waterproof smartphone case is conceived for touchscreen use. There is also a sweet pocket designer for users to put in keys, credit cards bis or other small accessories. And the best: when your Smartphone Case drops into the water, it float!

> Buy on the Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. Website – Indiana Waterproof Smartphone Case – 39€

  • Indiana Poncho

The warm and comfortable Poncho is the ideal companion for every adventure around water. The terrycloth is made from 100% cotton and keeps you warm, before and after your sessions. Thanks to the openings on the side, its like a walking changing booth on every beach and boat. The poncho Made In Portugal is one size only and unisex in anthracite color.

> Buy on the Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. Website – Indiana Poncho – 79€

  • Indiana Pump Foil Backpack

Well, it’s not really for wingfoil, but this pumping bag is a real stunner! The 4’0 foil backpack can hold your complete dockstart gear and is easily carried to the spot. No matter if you walk, hike, bike or skate, the backpack helps you to reach every spot comfortably. It can hold the 3’7 and 4’0 “Le Doigt” but also the 95 and 115 pump boards perfectly. And leaves some space for your wetsuit, towel and waterbottle. On the outside you can attach mast, fuselage and wing. It also includes a small tool and screw pocket, breast and hip belt.

> Buy on the Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. Website – Indiana Pump Foil Backpack – 129€

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