TotalWing Gear Geek: the Wingman Products Harness – hardshell, high-end pectoral harness

9th November 2022


Many of you have asked us what harness Paula Novotna wore when she won the Sabfoil Wingfoil Racing World Cup & Open European Championships at Lake Garda last month… it’s the Wingman Product Harness! The Wingman Harness is a two-in-one, modular impact vest and detachable harness. The TotalWing Gear Geek presents it to you!

Inspired by windsurf back harnesses created by his dad, Pietro Leon Kiaulehn created the Wingman Harness, and you can discover their story on their website.

On the impact vest side, the Wingman offer a hardshell chest protection shield on the front and, on the back, a Hardshell Curv® back flap with elastic suspenders for ergonomic fit with an internal 10mm high-density EVA foam protector with an additional Curv® layer for max protection and back support when riding with the harness.

Paula Novotna with the Wingman Harness / Lake Garda / Photo : @ronnykiaulehn

You can fix the detachable harness module to the impact vest at the back with a Velcro system and stepless adjust your harness position by approximatively 15 cm. The high hook position allow a natural wing stance when riding and also allows to not damage the rails when climbing or paddling on the board. Riding switch stance hooked in is also posible! This pectoral position of the hook also allows to have a shorter harness line for less swinging, while the harness integrate a wing leash attachment arc.

Francesco Cappuzzo with the Wingman Harness / Lake Garda / Photo : @ronnykiaulehn

Handcrafted and custom build in Italy with high-end material, the Wingman Harness is (for now) being sold at the price of 599€. Given this, the Wingman Harness is unfortunatly clearly not for all budgets, but for those who can afford it, it will allow you to ride well protected and improve your navigation comfort.

In summer 2022, the Wingman Concept got the attention of one of the market leaders: ION Products. Starting from the model year 2023, ION will launch special series of Wingman x ION worldwide.

For more information on the Wingman Harness:
Official website / Shop

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