TotalWing Wingfoil Awards 2023: the results!

Happy new year ! After a whole month of intense battles and voting, it’s time to announce the results of the TotalWing Wingfoil Awards 2023! But first of all, we would like to thank you all, athletes as well as brands and also all those who voted and shared, for playing this game thoroughly, and for allowing us to collect close to 20000 votes! And the winners are… *drum rolls*

Favorite Female Rider 2023

And it’s a double for Maddalena Spanu! After winning by a landslide last year with over 1500 votes, Maddalena repeated the feat in 2023 with 22.37% (1094 votes). 2023 was a great year for Maddalena Spanu: with several event victories on the Wingfoil Racing circuit, she became 2023 World Champion on this tour. Maddalena also won bronze at the European Wingfoil Racing Championships and finished 3rd in the Defi Wind Superstar – Les Ailes de Saint Tropez, proving her ability to adapt and go fast on all types of course. Bravo Maddalena, we can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for you! Second place went to Manon Dup√© with 7.63% (373 votes)! The young Guadeloupean is starting to make a name for herself in the small world of wingfoil: at just 14, she won the Elite Mondiale Junior championship in U19, and placed 4th in the GWA Youth World Championships in Surf-Freestyle and Freefly-Slalom. Backed by Cabrinha, we’re sure she’ll be on her way to the top very soon! On the third step of the podium, we congratulate Montse Sol√© with 6.67% (326 votes). 4th in the Wingfoil Racing World Tour 2023, Montse’s progress has been impressive throughout the year. This ultra-complete waterwoman, who surfs, SUPs and kites, on a foil or not, still has some great things to show us in 2024! Not far behind, congratulations to Paula Novotna in fourth place with 5.91% (289 votes). The iconic Duotone rider may have been a little less present this year on both world circuits, but her appearances have always been crowned with a podium finish. As one of the best ambassadors of our sport, Paula always offers us incredible wingfoil images on her social networks. Well done to her, and to all those nominated!

Favorite Male Rider 2023

What ? Another double for the Spanu family? Well… yes! Nicolo Spanu is once again your favorite rider in this 2023 season, with 18.79% (958 votes)! (Is it only the Spanu family that votes in these awards or what? ūüėā) Like his sister, Nicolo made good progress in 2023, particularly on the Wingfoil Racing circuit where he finished the year as World Vice-Champion as well as European Vice-Champion. Like Maddalena, Nicolo also shone in other race competitions, such as the Defi Wind Superstar – Les Ailes de Saint Tropez, where he finished 3rd, further proof that the Spanu family are not there by chance! Second place went to Ernesto De Amicis with 13.46% (685 votes). The young Italian continues to demonstrate his talents, climbing onto the overall podium of the Wingfoil Racing stage in Sardinia, then finishing 4th in the overall season standings! But that’s not all! At just 16 years of age, Ernesto finished as the Wingfoil Racing U19 World Champion! A future big rider to watch. The bronze medal goes to Balz M√ľller, one of the world’s most creative riders, with 7.98% (407 votes). The Swiss waterman took several freestyle podiums this year, including at the Mondial du Vent and the Roca Cup. But it’s his above all imagination and endless innovation in the search for new tricks and new ways of foiling that make him unique. Not to mention all the good vibes he brings to the spot! Keep on inspiring us Balz! In fourth place, big up to Malo Gu√©nol√©, who scored 6.98% (356 votes). The French rider may have been busy with his studies this year, but he still made his mark on the GWA Wave events (where he finished 4th overall), and above all in GWA Surf-Freestyle, where he finished Vice-World Champion! Bravo Malo, and bravo to all riders for another action-packed year!

Favorite Content Creator 2023

Same again, same again! The podium was exactly the same as last year, with Damien LeRoy and Gwen Le Tutour, aka @leroydamo & @plantpositivefilms, winning the title of your favorite content creator of 2023 with 22,02% (406 votes)! Between their Youtube channel¬†and their Instagram, these two provide us with high quality tutorials, as well as product reviews, beautiful wingfoil images and also vlogs always full of fun and humor! In second place is Hadou Brunner aka @hadrien_brunner with 19,58% (361 votes)! The Frenchman has one of the most qualitative Youtube channels¬†in the world of wingfoil, with product reviews that make reference, precise and useful tutorials and also high quality video productions. Not to miss ! On the third step of the podium, we find¬†Erwan Jauffroy aka @erwanjauffroy ,with 14,32% (264 votes)! This former editor of the best French board sports magazines of their time (yes I grew up reading WindMag) is now at the head of a very successful youtube channel: Watersport Zone. With him too, we find detailed tutorials, product reviews and even exclusivities, techniques, advice but also really fascinating interviews! And this mainly in wingfoil, but also in windsurfing, kiteboarding, SUP‚Ķ in short, a reference! The only change from last year is in 4th place, where we find our favorite Yann Rifflet, aka @yannriffletfreerider, with 8.41% (155 votes). With his webseries “Freeriders Wingfoil Lovers”, his multiple reviews of Duotone gear, as well as his tutorials and always beautiful wingfoil images, Yann is truly one of the best content creators in our sport. Well done to all!

Favorite Wing Brand 2023

Voting in this category was much tighter… but Duotone was your clear favorite for wings in 2023, with 18.92% (538 votes)! It has to be said that the brand has pulled out all the stops with its new range, with wings such as the Unit and Slick that have truly become references in the industry. Making the most of Aluula material with their D/Lab range, Duotone offers stiff, solid but above all very light wings, enabling riders to perform at their best. In second place, with 15.19% and 432 votes, we find a brand with a completely different philosophy for its wings: F-One! The brand still offers its two flagship models, the Strike and the Swing, with some nice improvements on their V3 released in 2023: new materials and material distribution, double inflation valve, tension spreader… always keeping in mind the spirit of a light and smooth wing, as with their soft-but-rigid handles. Some people think F-One should switch to rigid handles, but we love having that choice! In third place, with 9.95% and 283 votes, congratulations to Gong! The French brand is always at the forefront of innovation on its wings: research into new fabrics and new shapes, interchangeable handles and booms, or the very latest dual-profile wing (check out the Pulse DP UPE Aramid, it’s a real stunner!)… Their wide range of wings, for beginners to world champions, for learning to fly as well as for racing or high-level freestyle, offers something for everyone. And in fourth place are last year’s winners Takoon with 5.7% (162 votes). With the release of their V2 Ultra in 2023, Takoon has moved into the realm of rigid handles and wings dedicated to performance. But there’s no doubt that in 2024 new wings will put them back on the podium ūüėČ

Favorite Wingboard Brand 2023

Something tells us that the results are the same as for the previous category… and yes! Duotone, with 15.99% (364 votes), is elected your favorite wingboard brand of 2023! Well, we’d like to say that Fanatic won a little too ūüėČ With the merger of the two brands, Duotone has launched a wide new range for 2024, with new variations of their Sky range (Sky Surf, Sky Style, Sky Free and Sky Start), in normal or SLS (carbon construction) versions and of all sizes, as well as a board dedicated to downwind, the Downwinder. With this range, there’s something for every taste and budget, always with Duotone’s top-of-the-range quality. In short, a well-deserved first place! Next up, F-One takes the silver medal for your favorite wingboards of 2023 with 13.7% (312 votes)! Like Duotone, the brand with the orange boards offers a wide range of wingboards, whether for beginners, freestyle, wave or race performance, or even downwind… but also inflatables board. In carbon or ASC construction, with F-One you always have quality, durable boards. The bronze medal goes once again to Gong with 12.03% (274 votes). If Duotone and F-One had a wide range, Gong has a VERY wide range. In fact, the brand offers rigid and inflatable boards for absolutely all disciplines, even multisports, for all sizes of rider, at all levels, and with different constructions. In short, at Gong it’s impossible not to find the board that suits you. At the foot of the podium, we find Takoon yet again with 8.43% (192 votes). This year, Takoon took a step forward in the construction of their boards, offering V2s and new high-quality boards made in their own factory in Portugal. At Takoon, there’s a good choice too, with boards for foil surfing, freestyle, downwind, ultra-light… In short, there’s something for everyone. The little extra? Custom colors on demand, so you can have the best-looking board on the spot!

Favorite Foil Brand 2023

With 15.89% (404 votes), your favorite foil brand in 2023 is… Sabfoil, as in 2022! This Italian brand is indeed one of the favorite brands of speed lovers, and it is really often found on the podiums of Wingfoil Racing. With a wide range of carbon foils, and front wing surfaces for speed as for pumping, at Sabfoil you are bound to find what you are looking for to achieve your performance goals! The silver medal goes to F-One with 13.8% (351 votes)! The brand offers top-of-the-range, innovative foils, and there’s something to suit every taste: different aspect ratios and elongations, different materials, different profiles… in short, whatever your foiling discipline, at F-One you’re sure to find the one you need. In third place, congratulations to Duotone with 10.54% (268 votes)! With the merger with Fanatic, the brand has released new versions of its already wide range of foils: Glide, Free, Carve… as their names suggest, with these foils you’ll be able to go very fast, carve very hard, or perhaps simply enjoy a gliding freeride. With new features such as the Quick Mount System and the ability to mount an aluminum fuselage on a carbon mast, Duotone has a lot to offer! A small mention for Gong in fourth place, just four votes behind (10.38%, 264 votes). Their wide range will see you through from your first flights to your Big-Air World Champion title, without breaking the bank. Carbon or aluminum, UHA or Low Aspect, at Gong you’re spoilt for choice!

Favorite Wingfoil Accessory 2023

The battle was extremely close between the two frontrunners, right up to the final minutes. And by a margin of just 4 votes (16.87%, 266 votes), A3D’s Artness was voted your favorite accessory of the year 2023! This result comes as no surprise: last year, the Artness was just starting to make a name for itself, and ended up at the foot of the podium. Over the course of the year, riders have come to appreciate just how much this little accessory changes the way they ride. Indeed, A3D’s Artness is a retractable harness that deploys when you need it, and retracts against the wing when you’re not using it. No more dangling harness lines to get tangled up in during maneuvers! Try it and you’ll never go back to a traditional harness line. What’s more, many people have recently found it even more useful for attaching their paddle to the wing for deflate downwinder practice! A V2 has just been released a few weeks ago, offering new improvements: more compact, more ergonomic with shapes that better fit the handles as well as the palm of the hands, but also a polyurethane flexible and a real pulley at the end of the wing for better resistance and durability of the line. Also, no more knots: a small hook, with a clamcleat-type system, has been positioned at the end of the bungee cord for easier adjustment. In short, a well-deserved first place! In second place, with 16.61% (262 votes), we find the Wingman Products harness, last year’s big winner! It must be said that their product, which we introduced to you back in 2022, is still quite unique on the wing market: a rigid hardshell impact vest that gives you high protection, combined with a high-end chest harness that supports your back. Performance, comfort and safety in one product! What’s more, Wingman has this year launched a chest harness-only version (The Wingman SL), as well as a spinning harness line, to keep you hooked up during maneuvers and even freestyle! Validated by Balz M√ľller, we recommend you take a look. In third place, you selected the ION Safety Strap, with 9.58% (151 votes). This adjustable footstrap acts like a fuse: in the event of a violent crash or accident, the strap opens, preventing injury to the ankles and legs. At 8mm thick, it’s also a very comfortable accessory! In fourth place is the Foil Drive with 8.81% (139 votes)! This electric foil assist system is an ideal accessory for beginners or to help take off in difficult conditions, when there’s very little wind or swell. Lightweight, powerful and compatible with the vast majority of foils on the market, this assistance system is easy to install and control via a dedicated app. Well done to all!

Favorite Wingfoil Event 2023

It’s a double for the GWA Wingfoil World Tour with 27.01% (436 votes)! This tour with its events in the four corners of the world is very unifying for all the growing world of the wing. The riders were able to challenge each other in the two “classical” disciplines of Freefly-Slalom and Surf-Freestyle, but also in the new Big Air and Waves categories. Always on dream spots, the public was able to follow the competitions on the many live streams and images broadcast on the social media. An unmissable! In second place, as last year, was the D√©fi Wing with 21.13% (341 votes). For its second edition, the wingfoil adaptation of the legendary D√©fi Wind doubled its stakes, welcoming 300 riders: the event was sold out! With the Tramontana wind blowing at speeds of over 50kts at times, riders battled it out over 20km heats in epic conditions. And while some heats had to be canceled due to excessive wind (yes, yes), everyone was able to enjoy the incredible exhibitors’ village, with numerous wingfoil brands on hand to show off their latest products. What’s more, we were treated to a little freestyle show by the pro riders. In short, it was all good fun! Can’t wait for the third edition! Bronze went to Wingfoil Racing Wolrd Series with 8.55% (138 votes). In 2023, the world circuit dedicated to the race has grown, with stages all over the world, on lakes, at sea or in the ocean. As the year progressed, more and more riders joined this circuit and challenged each other to see who was the best racer, between technique, strategy and speed (spoiler, in the end, it’s always Mathis Ghio who wins ūüėā). The 2024 calendar for the Wingfoil Racing circuit was released a few days ago, and we think the circuit is set to become even more popular in the new year! At the bottom of the podium, we find one of the mythical Hawaiian races: the Maui To Molokai with 6.07% (98 votes). This race involves crossing the islands of Maui to Molokai in downwind mode, over a distance of around 27 miles (approx. 43km). The growing presence of wingfoilers year after year adds a new dimension to these races, with records ready to be broken! Well done to all these events, and to all wingfoil event organizers worldwide, who are doing their utmost to bring our sport to life!

Special mentions

Congratulations of course to Duotone, F-One and Gong, for their hat-trick in the podiums of the three categories of brands! Special mention also to all those who fought hard to get votes, and who haven’t stopped sharing the Awards link. We’re thinking in particular of A3D, Wingman, Tahe Outdoor Store… and many others. Special mention must also go to one of the big misses from our first shortlist, Samuel Cardenas, one of our sport’s best photographers, who has signed several magazine covers this year, as well as winning the GKA Photo of the Year. There’s no doubt that if we’d selected him from the start, he’d probably have made it to the podium!

Some statistics

Many countries from all over the world have participated in our Awards, and we thank you! Here is the Top of the countries that voted the most:

  1. France: 7326 votes
  2. Italy: 5935 votes
  3. USA: 1485 votes
  4. Spain : 1384
  5. Germany: 1223 votes
  6. Brazil: 801 votes
  7. Switzerland: 624 votes

If we had awarded winners by country, the results of the Totalwing Wingfoil Awards would not be quite the same! Here are your number 1 by country and in order of category:

  1. France: Flora Artzner, Malo Guénolé, @hadrien_brunner, Gong, Gong, Gong, Artness, Défi Wing.
  2. Italy: Maddalena Spanu, Nicolo Spanu, @wingfoilshots, Gaastra, Tabou, Sabfoil, Wingman, GWA Wingfoil World Tour.
  3. USA: Lily Buden, Balz M√ľller, @leroydamo & @plantpositivefilms, Cabrinha, Cabrinha, Cabrinha, Foil Drive, Maui to Molokai.
  4. Spain: Montse Sol√©, Balz M√ľller, @kitechino, Duotone, Cabrinha, F-One, Wingman, GWA Wingfoil World Tour.
  5. Germany: Nia Suardiaz, Balz M√ľller, @wingfoilshots, Duotone, Duotone, Duotone, Wingman, GWA Wingfoil World Tour.
  6. Brazil: Lidiane Sanders, Balz M√ľller, @yannriffletfreerider, Duotone, Duotone, Sabfoil, Wingman, GWA Wingfoil World Tour.
  7. Switzerland: Olivia Piana, Balz M√ľller, @hadrien_brunner, Duotone, Indiana Paddle & Surf Co., Indiana Foils, Wingman, GWA Wingfoil World Tour.

In short, we vote rather local, but not only! Congratulations to Gong, Cabrinha and Duotone for their triple win in France, USA and Germany!

Out of curiosity, we wanted to know what the Top 5 brands would be if we combined their number of votes in the Wing, Board and Foil categories. Here are the results:

  1. Duotone: 1170 votes
  2. F-One: 1095 votes
  3. Gong: 821 votes
  4. AFS: 449 votes
  5. Takoon: 446 votes

For the complete results of each category, go to these links :


We’ve been made aware of the use of VPNs by some people to cast multiple votes, leading to vote discrepancies and surprising results. We’ve taken this into account, and will be looking into a new voting system for future awards. For those who still have questions about the selection of nominees, here’s how we came to our choice: for the riders, we selected the GWA Top 10 in Surf-Freestyle and Surf-Slalom, the Top 5 in GWA Big Air and Waves, the Top 10 in Wingfoil Racing, the top young riders and those who have achieved records (such as the distance record). Other riders have asked to be added, and we’ve dealt with their requests on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that the whole wingfoil planet can’t be selected ūüėČ Next year, we’ll be adding a youth category, to showcase new riders. For the brands, we’ve tried to make a fairly exhaustive list, based on last year’s results and the most visible brands on the spots and social networks. But there are so many that some have indeed been forgotten… but added at their request, so don’t hesitate! For the categories of accessories, content creators and events, we had asked our followers for suggestions ahead of the awards. However, especially in the content creator category, there were a lot of omissions, for which we apologize. This category will probably evolve in 2024 ūüėČ

Once again, we wish you a very happy new year 2024, and do not hesitate to follow us on Facebook as well as on Instagram so as not to miss any of the wingfoil news and the latest publications from TotalWing!

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