Lincoln Dews tests SIC Maui innovative flip fuselage offering foilers two set-up options

25th April 2022

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“The key to foiling safely and enjoyably is having the right equipment fine tuned,” claims Lincoln Dews, the two-time SUP World Champion and SIC Maui Team Rider, who has been flying high (literally!) while involved in testing and development of the brand’s innovative foil system that provides riders with two set-up choices within one component. This allows foilers to simply “flip their ride”  to accommodate their weight, riding style and conditions. TotalSUP caught up with Lincoln to chat about the process and the benefits of the new Flip fuselage.

Hi Lincoln, have we lost you to foiling?

I don’t think you’ve lost me but I’m certainly enjoying my foiling now! Paddling in general is an incredible n sport, and I think foiling just adds to that experience. The speed of foiling and the ability to ride swells has really opened a whole new avenue to enjoy being on the water.

What have you been up to recently with SIC Maui?

SIC Maui has been working hard behind the scenes to produce an innovative foil range for both entry level and high-performance riding. I’ve been lucky to be involved in this project for the last 18 months, and am excited to see people out riding the gear.

What’s your SIC Maui foil set up?

My go to foil for both surfing and winging is the Slash 900 set. I use the flip foil to adjust for what conditions I’m riding in.

SIC Maui has recently come up with an innovative solution Flip fuselage = Two in One. Could you tell us more about it?

The key to foiling safely and enjoyably is having the right equipment fine tuned. There’s nothing worst then floating around being unable to get foiling or being so ‘twitchy’ that you scare yourself.

The Flip fuselage is the step in the direction of being able to adjust the characteristics of your foil to suit the conditions. The asymmetrical fuselage can be used in either direction, effectively changing the placement of the mast between the front and rear foils. Having the shorter side forward provides a more aggressive turn and responsive pumping, whereas if the shorter side is forward stability is increased.

Photo by Maxime Horlaville / SIC Maui

You have recently had a chance to test it…

I have a good chance to test the flip fuselage over the last six months and have often found myself adjusting it to suit the conditions. For example, if the water is tabulated or the wind is light I opt for a more stable set up.

You have recently announced your coaching plans…What’s in the pipeline when it comes to foiling?

Now that is a secret!

We can’t wait to find out more about it!


Photo by Maxime Horlaville / SIC Maui


This innovative fuselage provides the foiler two set-up choices within one component. It can either ease the flight and accentuate control or be reversed and answer to a more aggressive turn and pump riding style. Foilers can flip the asymmetrical fuselage Short Side Forward for stability or flip it Long Side forward to increase manoeuvrability.

The Slash Foil has been designed and configured with high quality materials. The base and mast are constructed with military-grade prepreg carbon and the flip fuselage with alloy.

All front and rear wings, T-Bar, and fuselage are interchangeable, allowing optimum equipment fine-tuning to accommodate your weight, riding style, and riding conditions. The fuselage has slotted open ends for rapid installation and break down ensuring high durability over time.


• High Aspect Ratio Front Wing Better glide and better speed, perfect for intermediate and experts
• Stab trimming +/- 1° Favouring lift vs. Speed
• Double Track Base Mounting Plate giving you maximum adjustability fore and aft as well as the ability to shim your foil
• Flip fuselage: Two in One! Flip the asymmetrical fuselage Short Side Forward for stability. Flip it Long Side forward to increase manoeuvrability
• Full carbon construction front wing 1200cm2 and 1700cm2 wing option.
• Rear Wing 400cm2
• Marine Grade Hardware – Torx 8 MM Strong and corrosion resistant
• Padded Carry / Bag Covers for maximum protection
• Recommended for intermediate and advanced foilers, low drag and high-speed foiling

Photo by Maxime Horlaville / SIC Maui

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*All images courtesy of Lincoln Dews / SIC Maui 

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