Indiana Wingfoil Carbon: review of this versatile wingfoil board by Blaise Rouiller

Meet Blaise Rouiller, aka Blez, who travels Europe in his van in search of the best riding spots. Surf, wingfoil, wakefoil… with his Indiana Paddle & Surf gear, of which he is a brand ambassador, he always finds something to ride. On the wing side, Blez is loyal to the Indiana Wingfoil Carbon 88 board, which is THE Indiana board dedicated to wingfoil. We interviewed him to get his feedback on this board, which comes in many sizes, from 74L to 150L, and promises versatility and performance for riders of all levels and sizes. And, as a bonus, Blaise also slips us a word about a proto from the new 2024 range 😉

Photo : @jancsihadik

Hi Blaise! First of all, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your connection with the Swiss brand Indiana Paddle & Surf Co.?

My name is Blez (Blaise) Rouiller and I was born in the small Swiss town of Martigny, at the foot of the ski resorts. I’ve been an ambassador for Indiana for almost 4 years now.

Photo : @jancsihadik

Can you give us a tour of your Indiana foil quiver?

I mainly ride the Wingfoil Carbon 88L board. I also own an 81L and a 74L from the same series. For the mast, I really like the Hp LD Carbon 95 combined with the Hp Carbon 575 or 625 fuselage, depending on the water conditions. As far as frontwings are concerned, I ride several, but my preference is for the Hp M-AR series, 4 super-comfortable frontwings that do just about everything. I also really like the Hp pro model from my buddy Le Doigt (Steeve Fleury, editor’s note), which is also very versatile! As for the stab, I regularly choose the Hp 336 and 420.

Photo : @thierrydelez

You often ride the Indiana Wingfoil 88 board. What do you like about it?

I particularly like its comfort. Since I mainly ride strapless, I don’t really need very small boards, and this board suits me perfectly.

Photo : @jancsihadik

How is it in terms of handling, stability and responsiveness?

This board takes off so easily, it’s a dream! Its full carbon construction makes it light and very responsive, because despite its “big” volume it remains short and maneuverable, so it performs very well in the surf too.

Photo : @jancsihadik

What does the full carbon construction mean in terms of strength, durability, rigidity and weight?

As mentioned above, it’s light and very solid, unlike many of its “competitors”, and its full carbon construction gives it, like all Indiana boards, that dynamic, direct feel that’s so much appreciated.

Photo : @jancsihadik

Who would you recommend this board for?

The choice of volume depends on several factors, including your weight. I like versatile gear because I travel a lot and can’t always take several quivers with me… it works from beginner to advanced as well as from flat to waves! Of course, to send big jumps, you’ll have to choose smaller volume, which are also found in this amazing range.

Photo : @thierrydelez

You also had the opportunity to ride a proto from the new 2024 wingfoil range designed by rider Gunnar Biniasch, already available in its 65L version on the Indiana website. What’s it like? Can you give us a little comparison with your Wingfoil 88L?

This proto reminds me of the comfort of my 88L, with its super-easy takeoff and “Aston Martin” look in the air. But with this awesome Gunnar-style 3D bottom tail, it’s particularly well suited to waves and therefore to freefly. The 65L, which is already on the market, is a real bomb in swells! I love it.

Blez with the G-Pro proto – Photo :

And finally, we’ll let you tell us about your best wingfoil adventure with your van, or what your future projects are…

Oh boy, there’s a lot! 🙂 Recently, I’ve had several days of incredible freefly, alone or with a maximum of 3 people, in a magical spot not far from the estuary of the Gironde, as well as a great solo ride on the Ile d’OlĂ©ron… great times! As for projects, there’s no shortage of them. I’m very lucky to be able to travel a lot and take my good old van (#Captainblackvan# and #Faitesdestours#) all over Europe… I’m currently in Galicia, where I’m “gorging” myself, and I’m going to make my way down the coast, enjoying this fabulous ocean day after day! Then on the way back, in a few months’ time, I’ll probably return to Sardinia, an island I adore and which lends itself so well to wingfoiling etc…

Blez with the G-Pro proto

Thanks a lot Blaise for your answers!

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