GWA Qualifying Series Spain 2022 : waves, video and results !

The GWA Wingfoil Qualifying Series Spain (NALU Galicia) event in northern Spain, from 23 to 25 September, was the first mobile wingfoil event ever in Europe, with the aim of hunting solid wave conditions. Mission accomplished!

As more and more riders apply to compete in the GWA Wingfoil World Tour, the GWA Qualifying Series goal is to discover the new talents of wingfoil. At the end of the 2022 season the top five ranked male and female riders on the QS tour in the Surf-Freestyle and Surf-Slalom disciplines will qualify for the full GWA Wingfoil World Tour in 2023.

Photo: Samuel Cardenas

For this mobile event in Spain, the QS took place on two locations. The first two days of the three day competition took place at Praia de Furnas and were dedicated to Surf-Freestyle with excellent wave conditions. Riders had 15 attempts in total (tricks or waves) and the two best waves and the best trick counted towards overall heat score. Highest trick score came from Alan Fedit (France), earning 9.37 for front flip front side 360 while the highest wave score was by Pablo Padilla, 9.23.


1 Liliam Juppet (France)
2 Martin Sande Spain)
3 Pablo Padilla (Spain)
4 Chucho Nonnot (France)

1 Julia Castro (Spain)
2 Lena Thyssen (Germany)
3 Sonia Le Boutillier (France)

Photo: Samuel Cardenas

On the final day, the QS moved to Playa de Santa Cristina, a flat water spot perfect to run Surf-Slalom races. Eight men’s heats were ran, each with very close rounds between Alan Fedit (France), Martin Sande (Spain), Oscar Lecleir (France), Jeremiah McDonald (New Zealand) and Liliam Juppet (France). On the women side, three heats were contested between Sonia Le Boutillier (France), Lena Thyssen (Germany) and Julia Castro (Spain).


1 Alan Fedit (France)
2 Martin Sande (Spain)
3 Oscar Leclair (France)
4 Liliam Juppet (France)

1 Sonia Le Boutillier (France)
2 Lena Thyssen (Germany)
3 Julia Castro (Spain)

You can find all the rankings of the GWA Qualifying Series (and of the World Tour) here.

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